Welcome to CondeVinci's Biography


This is where it all began. Back in 1992. I heard "Out of Space" for the first time and was completely blown away with what I heard. The Prodigy soon became my idols and as quickly as I could I bought "The Prodigy Experience".


From listening to The Prodigy I then heard the likes of Altern8 "Frequency". This track was completely alien to anything I had ever heard. I grew an urge to hear more "Rave Music". This is when I discovered Dublin's legendary SunsetFM. Hours was spent back in the day taping tracks from the radio.


After lots of pestering my Ma I got my first set of decks. I started out on a set of Soundlab belt drive decks and a Citronic Battle mixer. I was in heaven. I quickly started buying vinyl and became a regular vinyl junkie in Dublin's Abbey Discs, Tag Records, Outlaw Records and Music Power. I spent every penny I had on vinyl.


I started out raving going to the likes of the Ormonde and the Temple of Sound. These were serious sweatshops but my God were they good. Everybody dancing like there was no tomorrow screaming "GWAAAAAN". I always remember walking out onto the Quays dripping with sweat and my ears ringing from the relentless kickdrums. Goodtimes.......


Homelands Video

In 1999 Ireland witnessed it's first legal outdoor Rave - Homelands arrived. This was the first of two outstanding gigs which brought out more than 30,000 ravers out to Mosney. An AMAZING experience! But it didn't end there though, upon the success of Homelands Liverpools legendary Cream decided to host the first of two fantastic gigs to Punchestown Racecourse. Ireland was buzzing.


By the year 2000 my days were spent eating, sleeping, playing records, buying records and going dancing. Dublins pirate radio was massive by this stage. ClubFM, VibeFM and KissFM to name but a few. The Temple Theatre became the epicentre of dance music in Dublin at the time, with lines of people queuing around the corner every Fri and Sat night. This became my weekend. Dancing to top Dj's from around the world in a nightclub that once stood as a church..........this could only happen in Ireland. "MAURO, MAURO, MAURO, Mauro Picotto!"


Anyway thats enough about me...
Just want to say a massive thank you and respect to all the producers and Dj's who's influenced me over the years, both Irish and International. Without you guys none of this would be possible -
Pat Carey, Pat Hyland, Mark Kavanagh, Tim Hannigan, D1 Records, Warren K, Francois, Dean Sherry, Mick Walsh, Ed Case, Jason Dee, Derek Duff, Darren Flynn, Chymera, Al Keegan, Ian O Donavan,
Liam Howlett, Mark Archer, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Easygroove, Mr.C, Ricardo Villalobos,
Francois K, Sven Vath, Colin Faver, Sasha, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin,
Lenny Dee, Goldie, Ltj Bukem etc, etc.